The Haunt keyholder challenge begins…

In the parlance of the ancients, a contest foretold,
Amidst shadows and deception, a tale to unfold.

Victory’s sweet whispers, in challenges untold,
Unlock the secret with prowess, a key to behold.

No money can buy you what this key unlocks. Keep paying attention… tomorrow is another day

Slaughterhouse Facebook post, 11/15/2023

It looks like the first challenge, quest or game will soon begin to earn a special key to The Haunt downtown. These keyholders will have access to special events held at the speakeasy.

Slaughterhouse Facebook post, 11/15/2023

In response to comments on the Facebook post, Slaughterhouse replies…

we see you spinning webs… tomorrow you’ll receive a thread 🕸️

Slaughterhouse response to comments on their Facebook page

The game is afoot … or at least will be, tomorrow.

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To be continued…

Author: Allen

Mostly harmless.

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