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Videos will be uploaded to the YouTube channel, and possibly also on Facebook.

Video series work has begun…

Work has finally begun on the Doing Des Moines video series. I started podcasting back in August 2005, and in 2007 I had plans to add a new video podcast focusing on things going on here. Other shows took priority (including one I was being paid to do by a Toyota marketing firm) so Doing Des Moines never happened.

Maybe this time it will. Work has at least begun on ideas for the video intro/outro and theme song. You can see the very rough prototypes over at the new Doing Des Moines YouTube channel:

Doing Des Moines rough intro/outro version 2

I will be adding a form for folks to send in suggestions of places I should interview. Until then, leave a comment here or find me on the DDM Facebook Page.

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Site relaunch coming soon.

Pardon our dust… We are retiring the original site (launched in 2011) and replacing it with a new one. The new video series will begin soon, with a Bike Adventure episode reviewing the chainless hybrid bikes from Dynamic Bicycles. We also have a few Video Adventures in the works where we will be speaking with the folks behind the recent resurgence of retro-arcades here in the Des Moines area.

Stay tuned! (Is anyone here old enough to even know what that means?)