Dynamic Bicycles’ chainless bikes

Dynamic Bicycles Runabout 8 review, part 0.

This is how Dynamic Bicycles' bikes arrive.
This is how Dynamic Bicycles’ bikes arrive.

Yesterday Doing Des Moines received two Runabout 8 Comfort Hybrid chainless bicycles from Dynamic Bicycles. These 8-speed bikes use a shaft drive instead of a chain, and an internal gear hub instead of derailleurs. According to the manufacturer, chain-less bicycles have many advantages over traditional chain gearing bikes, with some downsides that only high end bikers might ever notice. For casual bikers who ride “just for fun,” it seems the advantages may be significant.

In coming weeks we will begin posting thorough  reviews of these bikes, with details on how they are shipped (see the photo above), assembled (video coming soon), and maintained.

Initial thoughts based on unpacking and assembly: WOW!

More to come…


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Mostly harmless.

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